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Stone Soup Refugee Project

As an award-winning writer-poet, Sabrina developed and cultivated her own sense-of-self and creatively engaged with world events by putting her thoughts to paper. As she artistically explored her identity in a globalized world, she not only found personal fulfillment in expressing her feelings, but understood how profoundly important it was to be a conscious citizen.

With this in mind, she began pursuing journalism as a way to amplify the voices of the marginalized, highlighting important world events like the Syrian refugee crisis and partnering with Stone Soup magazine
to uplift, center, and empower refugee and migrant girls, and other socio-economically disadvantaged POC worldwide.

Here we share just a few of Sabrina’s many writings which began her journalistic period, some of which won National Gold Medals at the Scholastics Art & Writing Awards! Her writing has most of all brought her into contact with so many astounding people all around the globe, such as the young filmmakers in AKGC’s workshops. Sabrina seeks to not only lend a voice to those who are often cast aside, but help elevate them through her platforms, so that the world can see who they truly are!


Crossing Borders was Featured in one of John Hopkin's Prestigious Programs

From John Hopkin's site:

The Julian C. Stanley Study of Exceptional Talent (SET) identifies extremely talented students based on their performance on the SAT and supports their talent development through counseling and other services.

Crossing Borders was featured on the Study of Exceptional Talent's newsletter Summer 2019.

SET is essentially a counseling service to its members—students with advanced reasoning abilities who may not yet be ready to enter the nation's most selective colleges and universities, but who also may not be well served by the typical middle or high school curriculum. 


SET seeks opportunities for members to meet intellectual peers who share their interests and abilities, and focuses mainly on members still in high school finding resources and opportunities for the students to be optimally challenged.

You can read more about Sabrina's journey with Crossing Borders in the newsletter here.

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