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Girl Pride International is an internationally operating 501(c)(3) charitable organization which was founded with the desire and commitment to empower marginalized female voices and lives worldwide. The organization's humble beginnings stemmed from one girl's dream to connect with and support other young women worldwide. Now, Girl Pride is an internationally operating non-profit, which has connected with other organizations working on the ground in such places as Jordan and Central America.

WHo we are




Sabrina Guo is from New York. She is the founder of Girl Pride International and Long Island Laboring Against COVID-19. Her writing, activism, and humanitarian journey has been profiled or spotlighted by COP26, Disney, NBC, NY1, News12, Newsday, and recognized by the White House, US House of Representatives, and the NYS Senate Commendation Award. Aside from her social, entrepreneurial, and humanitarian endeavors, Sabrina is also an award-winning journalist, poet, musician, and model. She is the youngest global winner of the 2021 Poems to Solve the Climate Crisis Challenge, where she spoke out against climate injustice, and performed in the 2021 UN Climate Change Conference (COP26) in the UK.  She is the recipient of the Civic Expression Award and an eight-time National Medalist from the Scholastic Art & Writing Awards. Her writing has been featured in the Best Teen Writing, Counterclock, West Trestle Review, and Polyphony Lit, among others. She has served as concertmaster for the New York International Youth Philharmonics, performed in Madison Square Garden, showcased internationally in China Tour as a member of the world's youngest string ensemble, appeared in UNICEF’s World Children’s Day music video, and featured as a solo musical guest and modeled in Fashion Week Brooklyn. 


Hear the story of 12 year old Lisano L.!


Girl Pride International strives to shift the narrative of girls worldwide through education, leadership opportunities, and material support, amplifying marginalized voices to radically alter the trajectory of their lives. ⁠

Our conviction to be advocates for girls worldwide is poignantly exemplified by a recent intervention, where GPI fought hard to prevent the dropping out and child marriage of now 12-year-old Lisano, who was at the top of her 5th grade class in Wamba, Kenya. By intervening in the courts, providing an academic scholarship and additional financial aid assistance, and advocating for Lisano’s future, GPI has breathed new life into Lisano’s future, who is now proudly a Girl Pride Ambassador. ⁠

Here are a few words from Lisano:⁠

“Hi I’m Lisano Lelenkeju, and I am twelve years old. I am in grade five at Remot Primary School. My father removed me from school and put beads on me, took me away from school to look after the animals. He wanted to marry me off. My head teacher rescued me from being married off. I have received a prize for a scholarship through Girl Pride. I want to be a lawyer so that I could stand for the rights of other girls. I am now staying with my grandmother.”⁠

With Girl Pride International, we were able to finance the operation (totaling $1,500) and were able to pay a lawyer to take the case to court and win. Lisano is now enjoying a full scholarship from GPI for her studies, and is excited to resume her almost lost education, along with her inalienable right to be a child. She now aspires to become a lawyer and a strong advocate to protect the rights of other girls in the future. ⁠

By protecting marginalized girls and helping to cultivate them into female leaders, who will then empower the next generation of girls within their own communities, we believe a ripple of hope can transform into a swelling current of change, and that one day soon, Today's Girls will be Tomorrow's Leaders.⁠

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