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"A Future For Girls, By Girls"



The Ambassador Scholarship is limited to only those individuals who, at the time awards are made, shall be: full-time, matriculated students in good standing at their schools; not on academic or other probation; and future candidates for a college degree with a demonstrated commitment to their communities. Ambassadors are eligible students Grades K-12 who intend to finish their high school education, and are motivated to continue to pursue higher education through an accredited university or college.

Additionally, future Ambassadors must be a part of an established Girl Pride International Chapter and have demonstrated a commitment to the values and mission of Girl Pride International, to the best of their ability and current capacity, circumstances considered. If you are interested in establishing a Girl Pride International Chapter in your area, please click the button below!

Selection Process

The Ambassador’s Scholarship is administered by Girl Pride International.  Applications are reviewed and awards are made by a Selection Committee composed of members of the Girl Pride Int’l Advisory Committee and the respective Headmaster of the applicant’s school

The Ambassador’s Selection Committee receives scholarship applications in the spring of each year.  Each and every application is reviewed in detail by each and every member of the Committee.  The Committee then meets to discuss each and every application and, through a vigorous give-and-take, to reach a consensus on the distribution of awards.  Notifications are sent out by e-mail in August.  In the future, alumni members of GPI’s Ambassador Program who are not members of the Committee may observe the review process.  Overall, the process is open, fair, reasonable, thorough, rigorous, and non-discriminatory.   

The criteria on which applications are judged fall broadly into the following three areas:

  • Scholarship—Both the achievement of scholarly excellence and the demonstration of academic aptitude and career potential

  • Service—Attitude toward, and demonstrated commitment and service to their own community and to Girl Pride’s ideals, mission, and other activities

  • Need—Individual and family financial need as demonstrated by the cost of the applicant’s academic program and ability to pay


While most successful applicants will demonstrate strength along all three dimensions, such balance is not required.  Indeed, applicants are reviewed against the criteria on an individual basis.  While the standards are applied rigorously and consistently, they are not applied in a rigid fashion, and a holistic approach is always taken to assure all have a fair shot. 

Because the Committee reviews and judges written applications for the Girl Pride Ambassador Scholarship, applicants should not assume any familiarity with them, their activities, their merits, or any other information not reflected in the application itself.  To ensure fair and equitable distribution of awards, the Committee generally eschews consideration of factors not included in the written submission. 

Given the extreme care with which each and every application is weighed, and the distribution of awards is determined, decisions made by the Selection Committee are final and not subject to reconsideration, appeal, or review. Late or incomplete applications will not be considered.  

If you would like to apply, please download our application below, or reach out to your local Girl Pride International Chapter! 


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