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GPI's Ambassadors Scholarship Program represents the deep and abiding commitment to the pursuit of scholarly endeavors in uplifting communities globally, selecting applicants based on scholarship, service, and demonstrated need.

Girl Pride International’s Ambassadors Scholarship Program is a featured program whose mission is to provide academic scholarships, one-on-one mentorship, financial support, and other resources to foster intellectual growth and cultivate leadership skills. We seek to empower a new generation of young girls and ambassadors to be role models in their communities and affect change, and in turn, going on inspire other future female leaders. 


As we work to establish our program in school’s worldwide, each selected Ambassador will be pivotal in building a culture of dedicated Alumni. We believe in the absolutely critical role of education in developing a forward-thinking, compassionate, and community-oriented generation. In addition to scholarships for current schooling, our program will assist each Ambassador with talent development, college planning, academic support, social and emotional development, and community building and service projects.


By providing individualized support, we hope each Ambassador will dedicate themselves to their education and the future of their communities. We also hope to support the long-term success of each Ambassador through college and higher education, leading prosperous careers with better opportunities and productive vocations which will help uplift their communities at large.

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Girl Pride Samburu Ambassadors

Welcoming Induction Speech and Scholarship Awards to 2021 Girl Pride Samburu Ambassadors
GPA001 Saniya Lenantoyie.jpg

Saniya Lenantoyie

GPA005 Nkilesi Lolpurani.jpg

Nkilesi Lolpurani

GPA002 Yolondi Letoole.jpg

Yolondi Letoole

GPA006 Ntila Lenantoyie.jpg

Ntila Lenantoyie

GPA003 Ndimari Leripe.jpg

Ndimari Leripe

GPA007 Ripaso Lalparasoroi.jpg

Ripaso Lalparasoroi

GPA004 Lelei Letoole.jpg

Lelei Letoole

GPA008 Ntitilwa Lepalo.jpg

Ntitilwa Lepalo

Notebook and Keyboard_edited.jpg

Featured Ambassadors

1. Jose.jpg

Hello! My name is Josephine and I’m 16 years old. I attend Uaso Girls’ Secondary School and am currently in form three (11th Grade). I wish to be a nurse so that I can help my people. I cannot express how deeply I appreciate Girl Pride International for establishing their Girl Pride Samburu chapter and for giving me the financial opportunity that ensures that I remain in school. I look forward to returning that goodwill and plan to give back to my community by later sponsoring one of my community’s children when I get a job.

2. Ndimari Leripe.jpg

My name is Ndimari Leripe! I am 14 years old and I am in grade 6. I love to play netball! When I grow older, through gaining a scholarship and finishing my education, I wish to be a doctor to heal and help others. In the future, I will be a Girl Pride Ambassador to advocate for all girls to go to school and have the opportunities I have had. I am honored to be a part of this program and will support girls empowerment initiatives by giving back to the community through voluntary services and sponsoring other girls!


My name is Dona, I am 16 years old and am in form one (9th grade) at Wamba Boys Secondary School. I like mathematics and chemistry, and I dream of using my skills to become a military man so that he can protect my country and make my people strong. As a boy, I know it is my duty to protect others and especially girls in situations where they may need help. As a Girl Pride International Ambassador, I promise to support other girls, like my own sister, to continue their education and become all that they can be!


Hi everyone! My name is Serianae. I am 15 years old and in form one  (9th Grade) at Uaso Girls Secondary School. My favorite subjects are Kiswahili and English, because languages allow us to connect with others and keep our cultures alive. I want to be a doctor so that I can assist my people and be a role model for other girls. I am so grateful for my Girl Pride International Scholarship, because it allows me to pursue my dreams and to inspire other girls to do the same!

5. Ntitilwa Lepalo.jpg

My name is Ntitilwa Lepalo! I am 14 years old, am in grade 4, and I love swimming! I wish to be a doctor in the future after gaining this scholarship. As a model and leader for young girls in my community and country, I will advocate for all girls to go to school. I look forward to supporting Girl Pride Initiatives by giving back to the community through serving and sponsoring them. Girl Pride has had a great impact on me, my friends, and those around me, and I am proud to be a part of something so empowering!

6. Reunti.jpg

My name is Reunti Leripe. I am 13 years old, I am in grade 4, and I love playing football! I wish to be a doctor in the future, and with Girl Pride, I can get a scholarship and finish my education. As a Girl Pride Ambassador, I will be a boy who advocates for all girls and boys to go to school and protect and support girls. I promise to uphold Girl Pride initiatives, which have helped me and my friends, and will do projects to give back to my community. By living a life of service and sponsoring other girls and boys, I believe I can bring about a fair world for all.

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