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Girl Pride Samburu

Committed to Direct Community Engagement

Girl Pride Samburu is closely working with the Remot Primary School in the Samburu region of Kenya to help uplift the community through various dimensions, including providing supplies and other resources to the surrounding tribal communities. Our Ambassadors Scholarship Program has supported over 50 Ambassadors with scholarships in the Samburu tribe of Kenya, where we’ve built libraries and established our first GPI chapter. GPI Samburu (officially recognized by the Kenyan government), is impacting 2,000+ Samburu students and 800+ families, working with several K-12 schools to uplift the community through service projects, mentorships/tutoring, and providing school supplies and resources like PPE. GPI also fought hard in courts to prevent the child marriage of 11-year-old Lisano, top of her 5th grade class in Kenya, now proudly a Girl Pride Ambassador.

Our “Fighting Hunger for Education” Campaign purchased 6,500 pounds of maize and maize flour, rice, beans, salt, and cooking oil that sustained 450 students and 250 families in the Remote Primary School community—totaling 1,500 people—for four months, until government intervention and aid arrived. Samburu has been in drought conditions for three years, conditions that are so severe that food shortages have led to students regularly fainting. By supporting these communities, we are fighting the effects of climate change directly. Furthermore, because of our proactive leadership through GPI’s “Fighting Hunger for Education” Campaign, both the Samburu region and GPI have received widely heightened exposure among Kenyan media outlets. We have also received calls from all around America, inquiring about how to join the effort.

GPI’s “Fighting Hunger for Education” Campaign was featured on The Standard, Kenya’s largest and oldest newspaper, and our work was also spotlighted in Climate Week NYC 2022 , the largest global climate event of its kind in the world!

The First Modern Classroom

Through thick and thin, GPI Samburu has been taking steps to improve the lives of the community members, students, and families in Kenya!

We recently completed the construction of an additional solar-powered and Wi-Fi-enabled classroom for our younger students, who were previously learning under a tree outside. This additional classroom has now enabled them to have a sheltered learning environment.

We began the building process with a ground-breaking ceremony. The elders performed a blessing on the land to allow for the class construction to start off and protect the children for generations to come. Then the contractors began supplying materials and work began in laying the foundation. This included digging trenches, leveling the ground, adding a solid foundation base with rocks and concrete, and more!⁠

Then, walls were constructed with metal trusses for roofing, and doors and windows put in place! We also purchased desks, books, bookcases, and other materials which we will use to furnish the classroom. This will be the most modernized classroom in the school—installed with solar panels, and having access to WiFi and electronics.  We're so excited!

Girl Pride eagerly took up to the task to serve the community. Remote Primary School teaches pupils of elementary and middle school age. The school’s head teacher, Boniface Nakori, has asked for supplies such as books for his school, along with other forms of assistance.


Primary education is mandatory, and most (but not all) children get at least some schooling. But their life is hard, and it is not uncommon to have a child who is 14 in fourth grade.

The land is dying, and the children are not going to be able to live as their parents have. The difference between living a life of urban poverty or joining the fast-growing Kenyan middle class depends on getting educated. These are motivated, smart, excited students, but without books it is very very hard to make it all the way to a university.

We are working to serve this community through these hardships and lift up the living conditions to allow for better social and educational mobility, and ultimately, a safer and better world!

Our conviction to be advocates for girls worldwide is poignantly exemplified by a recent intervention, where GPI fought hard to prevent the dropping out and child marriage of 11 year old Lisano, top of her 5th grade class in Kenya.  

By intervening in the courts, providing material assistance, and advocating for Lisano’s future, GPI has helped change the trajectory of Lisano’s life (who is now proudly a Girl Pride Ambassador).

Through protecting marginalized girls and helping to cultivate them into female leaders (who will then empower the next generation of girls within their own communities), we believe a ripple of hope can transform into a swelling current of change, and that one day soon, Today's Girls will be Tomorrow's Leaders.


Upcoming Work

A Brighter Future

Our current goal represents the funds necessary to build classrooms in the Samburu region of Kenya. Girl Pride Samburu is a Girl Pride chapter working closely with several 1-8 and 9-12 schools in the Samburu region of Kenya, including the Remot Primary School, to help uplift the community through various dimensions by providing supplies and resources to the surrounding semi-nomadic tribal communities. This chapter is officially approved by and registered under the Kenyan Government through the Ministry of Labor and Social Protection, in the Department of Social Development!

We Need You!

Join Us!

So far, our work has included purchasing core-curriculum books, sanitary products, and much needed PPE, and creating a dedicated GPI Ambassadors Scholarship Program has helped keep students, particularly girls, engaged in at-home learning, supporting their education so they don’t drop out of school or aren’t married off. This was done mostly with my own funds, including earnings from writing contests, birthday gifts, and donations from family and friends. However, the funding scale necessary to help this community build classrooms is beyond the scope of what I can do alone, which is why we need your help!